. . . about me

Design is the essence of who I am

. . . the boring stuff

after ten years in London designing exhibitions I married an Aussie & emigrated to Perth . . had two daughters . . started HOT POSSUM, a pattern design company with a girl friend . . opened HOT POSSUM fabric shop . . had another daughter . . loved my fabric shop & all my wonderful customers . . sadly walked away from my fabric shop & pattern business . . fell in love with my family again . . . couldn’t stop designing . . . started up Claire Turpin Design


. . . so what’s it all about?

This blog is here to showcase my designs as they reveal themselves! It’s a place to share my inspiration & tricks I’ve learnt along the way.

It’s here to keep me motivated & focused on keeping it all flowing – I am not known for getting things finished!

With any luck I will surprise myself with how creative I can be . . . & hopefully it might make me a few bob along the way as I share it with you!