Author: Lee Carter

Fabric Retreat with Claire Turpin Design

In the roller coaster of daily life that has its ups and downs, its completely your choice that whether you want to scream off or you want to enjoy the ride. The same does apply with the patchwork designs that most people have tended to boycott thinking it to be something unsuitable because it looks old fashioned or doesn’t fit with the modern contemporary design of the home. Claire Turpin Design is revolutionizing the quilt market, and people are in absolute love with the colour block patterns.

Patchwork Fabrics as the new home décor addiction

Proving the old stereotypes of the patchwork design being outdated, Claire Turpin with their blocks have made a fascinating soft corner in people’s hearts and has proved as a bliss to the home environment. Patchworking designs are incredibly versatile and can be used in a multitude of flexible ways to add flair to your home as well as your workspace.

But to achieve appreciable results, it is important to drop the preconceived notions about patchwork design. Claire Turpin Designs can offer you endless creativity and variety along with a more homey feel and modern edge. If you want to accent a room, then there is probably a no better option than going for patchwork.

Perks of opting for Patchwork techniques

DIYs are ruling the internet, and this is the sole reason for which patch working can be a better choice than the rest of the alternatives available in the market. Other than that there are a lot of benefits of going for Claire Turpin. Have a look at them!

  • The designs can make your creative side brighten up. You can always go for something that looks more modern and is taken straight from the market, but with Claire Turpin, you will get a lot to innovate and explore. Give your home fabrics and the old crappy cushions a completely new look with innovations and ideas.
  • It is cheap as compared to the other alternatives available in the market. Imagine having something that can please your eye and is equally affordable without burning a hole in your pocket. Isn’t that amazing?
  • If you are into patchwork, you can always recycle and reuse the old fabrics that you used to love and pamper once. Or you can simply cut out the specific design that you love and use it on your quilt, cushion or wherever you want.
  • Last but not the least another reason to go for this effortlessly flawless design is due to the vibrancy and contrast it depicts. There are a bewildering range of colour tones that you can choose from and a plethora of ways to use the prints for the design. So what are you waiting for?

The Bottom Line

Though there are a lot of ways to benefit from Claire Turpin design doing it precisely and with a good taste for shades, thread and fabrics are also important. Keep in mind the depth and contrast are important, and if you are considering any theme or a specific pattern, then try to make variations that will suit the design.